Grand Resort Bad Ragaz - Medical Health Center

Medical Health Center and Clinic Bad Ragaz


Special commission on pre-booked medical treatments and programs (on BAR-rates):
  • 10% commission to agencies on pre-booked medical programs
  • 5% commission to agencies on pre-booked medical single treatments
  • 10% commission to agencies on pre-booked wellbeing programs
  • 5% commission to agencies on seasonal and themed packages


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The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has long-standing experience in the care of convalescent patients, who have been using the therapeutic and healing thermal water from the nearby Tamina gorge to relieve their complaints for centuries. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has continued this tradition with the Medical Health Center, which was founded in 1957 and the Clinic Bad Ragaz, which was opened in 2014.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Medical Health Center (MHC) enjoys European renown and ensures that patients of all ages are in the safe hands of a highly specialised medical, therapeutic and expert team. The range of interdisciplinary treatments extends from diagnosis to prevention to rehabilitation.

Everything guests need can be found under one roof. In view of the complexity of people’s health, when it comes to check-ups, medical attention and aftercare, a comprehensive range of treatments is essential. At the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, patients do not have to travel from one practice to another to receive holistic care, but can instead enjoy the combination of multiple medical disciplines and a luxurious five-star resort. The medical services have always integrated the resort’s own thermal water, the strengths and healing powers of which not only form the foundations of the resort but are also part of many of the therapeutic treatments.
Today, more than 70 doctors and therapists offer their services at the Medical Health Center (MHC) in the specialist departments "Check-up & Diagnostics", “Rheumatology, Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation", “Nutrition, Workout & Metabolic Optimizing", “Therapy & Movement", “Mental Health", “Dermatology, Med Skin Care & Plastic Surgery", “Dental Health & Implantology", “Gynaecology & Fertility", “Ophthalmology" and “Complementary Medicine". The interdisciplinary structure of the team of doctors ensures that patients receive holistic treatment.

At the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, beauty goes far beyond the classic and apparative cosmetic services offered by the 36.5° Wellbeing & Thermal Spa. The MHC’s Dermatology, Med Skin Care & Plastic Surgery department uses the most effective dermacosmetic ingredients, the latest technologies and minimally invasive treatments to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery furthermore help to restore, optimise, highlight and promote natural beauty.
NEW: The Laser Center, opened in the beginning of 2016, complements the existing services with deep-penetrating treatments in the field of medical dermacosmetics and closes the gap between classic cosmetic treatments and dermatosurgical procedures. Pearly white teeth are a further sign of good health and a means of enhancing attractiveness. As part of its comprehensive beauty treatments in line with the highest quality standards, the Dental Health & Implantology department offers patients veneers in the form of LumineersTM – for the perfect smile that will last a lifetime. The existing range of beauty services has been expanded to include the unique reverse facelift method developed by Professor Sailer. This firms the facial tissue by lifting it from the inside. As the operation is performed in the oral cavity, there are no external incisions and thus no visible scars.
The MHC’s operating theatre makes it possible to conduct all outpatient treatments in-house. This is particularly beneficial for the Plastic Surgery department and the Bad Ragaz Vein Center.