Via Travel Rewards

Via Travel Rewards is a unique loyalty programme for travel agents which gives you access to an ever growing number of exclusive products and experiences.

Via Travel Rewards is unlike other programmes because it’s designed exclusively around you. It’s more flexible. Less restrictive. More responsive. And much more rewarding.

Book with us and watch your rewards build quickly towards tailor-made special offers and exciting new products.

All you have to do is register on to get your Via Travel Rewards number and quote it each time you book with us or you can add it later witin 3 months of the departure date.

The points will be automatically credited to your account two weeks after the last day of your clients’ tour.

If you forget to give your Via Travel Rewards number at the time of booking, you can add it later within a 3 months period.

You can check your latest transactions and account balance, view and claim available rewards anytime on