Cereneo Clinic

Cereneo Clinic

Cereneo Clinic

Cereneo Clinic

Cereneo Clinic

Cereneo Clinic

Cereneo Clinic

Cereneo Clinic

The Center for Neurology & Rehabilitation known as the Cereneo is located in a superb setting between the Vierwaldstätter Lake and the Rigi mountains.

The Cereneo Clinic specializes in the care and rehabilitation of patients with neurological dysfunction. The over 100-year old building now accommodates a luxury class suite hotel. The clinic guests are free to use all the facilities of the Hotel. The individually designed suites differ only in that they are equipped with adjustable beds and barrier-free bathrooms.

Targeted therapy with a multidisciplinary team

Using modern analysis and measurement tools (3D motion analysis, brain stimulation, advanced brain imaging) Cereneo starts with an extensive diagnosis of the impairment. Technical devices, including a gait analysis system with 3D motion measurement, and strength and muscle activity measurements, help in refining the diagnosis. In a personal consultation with the patient Cereneo then determines the individual goals based on the patient’s aspiration and motivation. During treatment, the measurement tools are also used to indicate the progress and build the database for refinement of the therapy programme. The patient is informed every day on their training performance and improvement – a key motivating factor.
Cereneo meets at regular interdisciplinary conferences with neurologists, neuroradiologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and neuropsychologists to assess the rehabilitative care in order to further customize and adjust the therapy programme.
At the end of a patient’s stay at Cereneo, progress is analysed, the goals achieved are evaluated together with the patient. To ensure continued treatment and to stabilize recovery successive treatment steps are discussed.

Professional skills in the rehabilitation process:

  • Neurology and medicine
  • Neuroradiology
  • Rehabilitative nursing
  • Neuropsychology
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietary counselling
  • Social counselling

Modern neuroscience meths are used in our diagnosis and treatment

  • Advanced functional and anatomical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): 3T Ingenia Scanner, Philips
  • Non-invasive brain stimulation (using magnetic fields or electrical currents)
  • High-resolution electroencephalography
  • Biofeedback, neurofeedback
  • Telemetric electromyography (during movement)
  • Three-dimensional motion analysis

Research is the basis for a state of the art treatment

The therapies at Cereneo take place in what clinic refers to as ‘laboratories’. Cereneo is convinced that research and treatment have to go hand-in-hand. The patients can, if they wish, participate in studies investigating new forms of therapy.

Brain and cognition laboratory

Neurological deficits usually impair attention span, thought, emotion and memory. Neuropsychology includes the precise diagnosis and analysis of these deficits within the treatment (e.g., concentration and driving aptitude tests).
Neuropsychological training can improve cognition, memory, attention, abstract reasoning, spatial imagination, perception and praxia, i.e., the ability to execute complex, goal-directed movements.

Language, voice and swallowing laboratory

Language, speech and swallowing disorders are among the most common consequences of brain damage. Limitations in communication skills and in independent feeding abilities immensely reduce the quality of life. The treatment of speech and swallowing disorders is adapted to individual needs, which are analysed through clinical tests and imaging procedures (MRI, fibre-optic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing). Based on the findings, the certified speech therapist defines the intensive individual training programme and continuously monitors the patient’s progress.

Gait laboratory

Mobility means autonomy. If your mobility is restricted, an independent life in and around your home is often not possible, and naturally your physical fitness also suffers from restricted mobility. Targeted treatment of gait begins with an analysis of the leg, torso and arm movements, foot-ground interaction force, and muscle activity. Physical fitness is assessed using a spiroergometry test (walking on a treadmill while measuring your oxygen consumption). On the basis of comprehensive assessments an individualized treatment programme is developed.

Arm laborator

Arm and hand movements are extremely complex. If these abilities are restricted, coping with everyday tasks becomes very difficult. Once again, an exact analysis of the impairment is the starting point for treatment. Neurological examinations, three-dimensional motion analysis and measurement of brain activity by MRI form the basis of each treatment plan. The training is focused on targeted movements; e.g., reaching and grasping, complex everyday tasks and precision movements with hand and arm robots.

Social counseling

Social counselling helps with a return to everyday life and work. Cereneo provides support and information on issues such as social security, insurance, finding an optimal home and contacting the appropriate offices and institutions.

Psychological care

Cereneo supports and advise patients and their families in psychological matters and coping strategies which help to find the way back into a happy life after a brain injury.

Research for optimal neurological rehabilitation

Inspired by the results of brain and neurosciences the relatively young field of neurorehabilitation gained momentum in in building valuable scientific evidence. Cereneo very actively participates in this research by initiating and conducting basic science and clinical studies focusing on the brain mechanisms of recovery and learning. In addition Cereneo focuses on developing novel treatments and diagnostic methodologies. A close scientific cooperation with leading research groups around the world ensures that Cereneo's research is well embedded in the overall progress in the field. This constitutes the foundation of our expertise in neurorehabilitation from which the patients benefit.
Scientific thought and reasoning also helps the treatment process. Cereneo basse its treatment decisions on a precise evaluation of the patient’s needs, deficits and goals. Cereneo critically evaluates each treatment step by measuring its result and clinic adjusts the therapy accordingly. For such critical evaluation through the collection of scientifically sound data, Cereneo has at its disposal state of the art equipment and methodologies such as magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic and electrical stimulation with neuronavigation, 3D motion and force analysis, telemetric electromyography and encephalography.

Excellent all-round care

The open areas of the hospital create a feeling of light and transparency. The functional but restful infrastructure guarantees maximum comfort. The first-rate rooms offer patients a relaxing haven in which they can recover from training activities and regain their strength. The culinary choices are plentiful: fresh ingredients and customised menus provide enjoyment at every meal.

Cereneo is located on the premises of the magnificent Park Hotel Vitznau, on Lake Lucerne. With great attention to detail, the hotel has been extensively renovated and adapted to suit all levels of comfort. The Park Hotel Vitznau is a real jewel that perfectly combines modernity and nostalgic ambience. A place to enjoy peace and tranquillity and to recharge the batteries.