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Future Health Biobank

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the building blocks of our bodies. They have the potential to self-renew, multiply and develop into other types of cell. Being essential to natural body growth and repair throughout our lives, stem cells can become cells of the blood, heart, bones, skin, muscles, brain and all the tissues that make us what we are.

Why store stem cells?

Medical breakthroughs are occurring all the time, extending the potential use of stem cells for regenerative medical treatments beyond our current horizons. Stem cells may soon become the basis for treating diseases such as Parkinson's Disease, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Cerebral Palsy, Heart Disease and host of other chronic ailments. Storing your stem cells for future use could be one of your best decisions.

How can stem cells be used?

Stem cell treatment is one of the most exciting frontiers of medical science. Stem cells may in future be used to treat a whole host of diseases for which there are currently no cures/effective treatments. Unlike drugs which can be used to reduce the likelihood of a disease occurring, limit disease progression, and manage the symptoms of a disease, stem cells may be used, alone or in combination with biomaterials, to regenerate tissue damaged as a result of disease or injury. By preserving your stem cells you may maximise your ability to take advantage of the latest therapeutic developments/ scientific advances.

Why choose Future Health?

The value of storing stem cells may be realised in the long-term as cell therapy research develops and pushes the boundaries medicine. Therefore, when you make a decision to store your stem cells it is important that you leave them in the hands of a reputable company that you can rely on well into the future.
Thanks to the unique experience and expertise, choosing to store stem cells with Future Health could be one of your best decisions. Here's why...

  • Global Experience. Future Health is a UK-based global leader in stem cell storage. Future Health enjoys an active presence in 70 countries and have access to the finest experts and the latest technology
  • Latest Technology. All samples undergo testing for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in the purpose-built laboratory. This means that unlike with other stem cell banks, you do not need to return for repeat tests after six months
  • Higher Security. Future Health oversees the entire process to ensure there are no errors and no chance of cross-contamination. Your stem cell sample will never be sent to a third party for processing or storage
  • More Accreditations. Future Health holds a UK Human Tissue Authority Licence consistent with the EU Human Tissues and Cells Directives as well as an MHRA Blood Establishment Authorisation. Future Health was the first private cord blood bank in the UK to be granted full accreditation as a human tissue bank and Swiss facility is compliant with Fact-NETCORD standards
  • Greater Care. Its fully-accredited collection kits are reliable and easy to use. Future Health only ever uses registered medical professionals to collect your stem cell samples. Medically-approved couriers transport your cells to the laboratories for processing and storage
  • Increased Safety. All its premises, including its storage facilities, benefit from 24/7 security 365 days a year. In the unlikely event of an emergency, its contingency plan means that its cryopreservation tanks can be relocated to another HTA facility immediately.


Naturally, you will want reassurance about the future security of your stem cell samples. Future Health has robust and tested procedures to securely store them for you.
The stem cell extraction and preservation is carried out in a sterile clean room environment by specialist personnel. We closely monitor the entire procedure from start to finish, with expertise, care and respect.
Future Health laboratories in the UK and in Switzerland operate independently to ensure the smooth management of all the samples even in cases of emergency, such as extreme weather conditions. In the highly unlikely event of insolvency, Future Health Biobank has ensured that samples will continue to be properly stored by an independent company with fully accredited facilities.

  • Latest technology. Future Health uses the very latest processing and cryopreservation equipment and operates under the highest security and monitoring protocols
  • Best practice. All Future Health laboratories strictly adhere to the Blood Safety and Quality Regulations 2005, the guidance on the Microbiological Safety of Human Organs, Tissues and Cells used in Transplantation and current Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Expert advisors. Its Advisory Board includes some of the most highly qualified and respected experts in the _eld of immunogenetics, transplantation biology, disease mechanisms, cell biology, chemical pathology, haematology and gynaecology
  • Contingency plans. In the unlikely event of an emergency, our contingency plan means that its cryopreservation tanks can be relocated to another HTA facility immediately.


Protecting your family's future health.

Storing stem cells means you are taking important steps in protecting your immediate family's future health. This is because those same stem cells not only provide a perfect match for the donor, but also offer a very high chance of a match with other members of the family, including siblings and parents.
Crucially, the chances of using a stem cells sample in regenerative medicine have steadily increased through the years and are expected to increase even further in the future. You can see a full and continually updated list of conditions treatable through stem cell therapy here.

Future Health includes the following benefits at no additional cost in every package offered:
  • CD34+ and CD45+ Testing. So you have accurate information on the viability of your stem cells sample
  • Storage Certificate featuring detailed analysis on your processed sample for future reference
  • Customer Care Advice 24/7 - so Future Health can help answer your questions every step of the way, any time of day
  • Medically Approved Courier - so you know your sample is in safe hands at all times
  • PCR Testing on the Maternal Blood in Laboratory in order to avoid repeat blood tests after six months
  • Complete Peace of Mind with 24-hour year-round security and monitoring of our controlled storage temperature
  • Disaster Recovery Plan. For your peace of mind we have devised a multi-layer recovery plan, ensuring the optimal security and protection of your sample in any circumstances.