VIP meeting and departure in Geneva airport

1 Passenger
350 CHF
440 CHF
Per additional passenger
65 CHF
125 CHF
Last minute Tax (-24h)
150 CHF
150 CHF

* A VIP departure service includes:
  • Access to Swissport VIP lounge
  • Landside pick-up with porter
  • Children under 2 years are free of charge
VIP services can be reserved up to 24 hours before the flight departure.
Any booking request received after this deadline will be handled according to the availability of the day and is not guaranteed.
For reservations made less than 24 hours prior to departure a 150 CHF surcharge will apply.

Cancellation policy:
All cancellations received less than 24 hours in advance will be charged at full price. The VIP services are subject to availability. Please note that there is no priority lane for VIP.


Passengers are met at the check-in desk, after check-in formalities or outside at departure level, by a Swissport agent. Check-in formalities must be performed by the passengers themselves for security reasons. On special request and subject to additional costs, passengers can be met at specifically prearranged meeting points at the departure hall or valet service.

The agent accompanies the passengers through fast lane security** and travel document control** to the Swissport VIP lounge (Horizon VIP) where passengers can relax and enjoy free food and drink in a designated VIP area. Passengers are then escorted by limousine (Mercedes/Tesla) or Multivan to the aircraft if positioned at satellites, or by walking if the aircraft is positioned at main front gates. Direct boarding is done via separate access to aircraft**.


Passengers are met directly at the aircraft by a Swissport agent and escorted by limousine to passport control (main airport terminal) if aircraft positioned at satellites, or by walking if aircraft positioned at main front gates. A special VIP lane is used to facilitate passport control**.
Passengers are assisted in the baggage delivery hall to collect their luggage; this includes the help of Porters at no extra charge.
The agent accompanies the passengers through Swiss custom control** and liaise with the person waiting for them in the Arrival area, taxi stand or valet service.

* Prices are subject to changes without individual pre-advice - all prices include VAT
** All processes and services are subject to changes depending on airline, airport or governmental restrictions and directives such as security and/or document control.

The rates are valid till 31.12.19.