VIP meeting and departure in Zurich airport

General information

Maximum commission to agencies (2017)

  • 5% on Departure, Arrival, Transfer, Lounge Only, Zurich Suite
  • 10% on Door-to Doors, Additional Limousine, Additional VIP Agent
  • NO commission for Groups, Special Offers, Other services, fees & surcharges


VIP service agent greets you at the agreed meeting point and support you during the check-in process.
Afterwards, you can enjoy the amenities of the Zurich Airport VIP Lounge. Before boarding begins, the VIP agent accompanies you discreetly through all passport controls and security checks and drive you in limousine to the aircraft.


VIP service agent picks you up directly at your aircraft and drive you in agencie's limousine to Zurich Airport VIP Lounge, where you can relax and freshen up. Afterwards your VIP agent accompanies you rapidly and discreetly through passport control and customs. The porter ensures that your luggage is waiting for you. Your VIP agent accompanies you to the agreed location and say goodbye to you there.


VIP agent picks you up directly at your aircraft and drive you in limousine to Zurich Airport VIP Lounge. You can relax there until your connecting flight, freshen up, and enjoy an exquisite offer of food and drink. As soon as your connecting flight is ready, your personal assistant will drive you to the aircraft in limousine.

Door to door

In addition to the services provided by the Zurich Airport VIP Lounge, you can book "door-to-door" service for efficient, carefree travel outside the airport as well.
After you arrive at Zurich Airport, VIP assistant will drive you to your destination in a comfortable limousine. At the end of your stay, VIP agent will pick you up at an agreed location and drive you back to Zurich Airport in comfort.

Zurich Airport VIP Lounge

The Zurich Airport VIP Lounge offers you a large selection of exclusive hot and cold dishes and drinks. The service of the Maître de Lounge is available to you throughout your entire stay.
The Zurich Airport VIP Lounge has three acoustically separate workstations, each equipped with a laptop computer, printer and adapters so that you can make optimal use of your time at the airport.
An exclusive Zurich Suite is available to you upon request. It offers up to 8 people the greatest degree of discretion and quiet (only in combination with the VIP service).

VIP services prices - Passengers

Use of all areas in the VIP Lounge including all services related to VIP support (exception: Zurich Suite).

Cancellations / No-shows
Up to 24 hrs before departure/arrival - free of charge.
Up to 12 hrs before departure/arrival - 50% of the total.
Less than 12 hrs before departure/arrival - 100%.

Basic price for 1 person
CHF 450.00
Each additional person
CHF 200.00
Basic price for 1 person
CHF 550.00
Each additional person
CHF 300.00
Time spent in lounge only
CHF 200.00
Less than 24 hrs before departure/arrival
CHF 100.00 per passenger
(min.CHF 200.00 per order)
For registration in less than 24 hrs prior to departure/arrival
CHF 200.00 per order
(Maximum discretion and quiet, exclusive use of the suite, can accommodate up to 8 guests, only in combination with the VIP service)
Basic price for 1 hour
CHF 300.00
Each additional hour
CHF 100.00
Daily flat rate
CHF 1,500.00
CHF 150.00
CHF 150.00
Upon request the company can organise flowers, rail tickets or other services
20% of the order value
(min.CHF 100.00)
+ cost of the service

* VIP Lounge situated in Schengen Zone. Access with valid travel documents only.
• All prices in CHF, including 7.7% VAT for adults and children aged 2 or older.
• 50% surcharge for the last minute booking 1 day before the service or on day of the service